Choose from an Individual Suite
or Yoga Space rental

Free yourself to focus on what you do best, deliver superior services. We are a team of specialists and we will build brands together!

Work mindfully, your way. 

Yoga Salon Suites provides all the support you need to focus on your clients and build a successful beauty or wellness business.  

Our suite rentals include: 

  • Luxury Space

  • Salon fixtures

  • 30% Larger rooms

  • Windows

  • Scheduling Platform 

  • Laundry Service

  • Cleaning Service

  • Ongoing Yoga classes 

  • Private bathroom for Tribe only

  • Events, Education, ...and much more!



Rent by the Hour to test your vision.

Are you beginning to build and need a beautiful space to get started? 

Our Innovation offerings give you the space you need by the hour or by the day and come with monthly coaching classes to help you develop and stay on track with your vision.  

Beauty Space for hair pro's

Healing Space for wellness pro's

Let's build our brands together!!

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Our Yoga space is ready for you!

Brand new, well lit space available for rent from 90 minutes+ for a class or workshop to recurring days each week or month for your series or ongoing Teacher Trainings.